Producer registration


Terms and Conditions

  1. New producers have to pay %20 down payment 3 days before organizing productions.
  2. The set price doesn’t include the %20 commission and tax.
  3. Cash payment is due on the last day of the shooting. The same applies to salesman commission and rentals of the locations.
  4. Models have to be paid in cash after the work is done.
  5. If the producers cancel organized product two weeks before the shooting starts, he has to pay %50 commissions to the agency. If the cancellation happens 1 week before the shooting, he has to pay to the agency the full commission.
  6. Technical supplies rentals have to pay in advance.
  7. Rental supplies delivery has to pay by the producer, who is also responsible of all damages which might occur.
  8. The agency is not responsible in case the model doesn’t show claming sickness. We suggest the substitute model available.
  9. We can send models to out of the country, if we receive exact information about transportation, hotel and all details 3 days before the models leaving.
  10. In case, the foreigner shooting would be cancelled by the contracted party, the agreed fee for the model should be paid.
  11. The producer is responsible for the model security, well being, accommodation, acceptable working condition and legal representation (if it necessary). In foreigner country the producer is responsible in working models in according to the local regulations.
  12. If any change and problem would occur in the foreigner shootings, the producer has to notify to the agency immediately.
  13. Producers must ask for missing IDs, tests or missing documents of the models on the last day of the production. If the missing things been asked weeks later after finishing production, the Agency can’t guarantee that we can satisfie the Producer needs.

The Brillbabes agency will be do everything in its power to secure maximum quality for the productions.